Build next-gen fan experiences with Kernolab

Unlock a new level of fan engagement and drive continuous revenue growth by plugging powerful financial features straight into your sports club ecosystem.

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Key challenges

Fan engagement

Sports clubs relied on fan attendance to fuel their profits, but digital transformation has changed the way sports is delivered and consumed. Unlock new ways to engage and monetize your fan base – wherever they happen to be.

Loss of revenue during the pandemic

Following lockdown revenue recessions, regenerate development with fast and up-to-date payment and brand interaction solutions for your business.

Monetizing fans

The better you know your fans, the better you can engage them. Leverage spend data and transactional insights to effectively target and monetize different fan segments – a whole new way to drive revenue from your entire fan base.

Growth of sponsorship revenues

Unmonitored fan spending leaves unclaimed revenue opportunities. Implementing Kernolab embedded finance offers fans cashback and discounts while allowing you to prove sponsor ROI.

Drive revenue growth from better fan engagement

Bring your brand to life by creating a next-gen fan and match day experience with Kernolab's interactive embedded finance solutions. From cross-selling to new revenue streams, targeted upselling increased brand loyalty and merchandise sales — give your fans the full experience.

Gain insight into your fan base, segment, and target to control the full brand experience.

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For your club

Unlock new revenue streams
Boost fan loyalty & engagement
Effectively cross-sell & upsell fan groups
Get actionable insights from transactional data

For your fans

Ensure stronger loyalty & connection to your club
Enhance fan experience via partner discounts & rewards
Provide unparalleled match day experience
Seamless digital experience

Deliver unparalleled match day experiences

Use the power of Kernolab’s embedded finance solutions to build unparalleled match day experiences – whether that’s through frictionless payment methods, innovative loyalty programmes, or transactional insights that let you see the entire fan journey, from at the stadium to beyond.

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Increase merchandise sales with Buy-Now-Pay-Later

Your fans are your lifeblood – give them a more convenient way to support you.

Make your merch more accessible to a wider fan base by introducing flexible payment options like Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) – so you can drive higher fan engagement and boost your merchandise sales without any additional effort.

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Unlock new revenue streams with NFTs

Monetize your fan base and give them a unique way to connect to your club through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

From iconic game moments and player jerseys to autographed memorabilia and more – turn anything into an NFT to revolutionize fan engagement and unlock untapped revenue potential.

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Segment fans based on transactional insight

Leverage purchase data and transactional insights to see what your fans are buying and how they engage with your club.

So you can craft personalized, targeted experiences that drive long-term fan loyalty and continuous revenue growth — a win for teams and fans alike.

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Offer targeted ticket upsells

Use purchase data and transactional insights to foresee the next steps of your fans for targeted upselling opportunities.

Offer unique and personalized upsells to drive continued revenue growth and long-term fan loyalty.

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Driving fan engagement for Nevezis BC

Nevezis BC plans to introduce wallets, cards, accounts, and credit products such as BNPL to further drive revenue growth.

“Like any sports club, we are always looking at ways to better engage with our fans.  For us, being able to work with a partner like Kernolab allows us to explore new revenue streams while buidling a closer bond with our fans”
“Like any sports club, we are always looking at ways to better engage with our fans.  For us, being able to work with a partner like Kernolab allows us to explore new revenue streams while buidling a closer bond with our fans”

Higher fan engagement

Initiate better fan engagement by building an interactive brand experience with Kernolab.

Increased revenue streams

Unleash new revenue streams to boost all-round sales - during your peak and off seasons.

Actionable data & insights

Collect actionable insights into fan behaviour to skew your next marketing campaign in the right direction.

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