Onboard transient and gig workers in one place

All-in-one financial platform to work with contractors. From tracking cash flow to quickly onboarding new workers and managing payments – do it all with Kernolab.

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Key challenges

Slow onboarding of new gig workers

Complex onboarding processes for new gig workers strain their ability to start work from the get-go. Solve this with a sleek and fast Kernolab onboarding process.

Cross-border difficulty and payments

Payouts in various foreign currencies take a toll on profit margins and burden your businesses with unnecessary expenses.

Complicated and tedious payout process

Complicated admin management and uncomfortable user experience prolong payout processes and strain communication. Streamline your process with Kernolab.

Pressure on profit margin

Inefficient onboarding and hard-to-manage temporary workers put unprecedented pressure on your profit margins. Track, onboard, and manage your income and expenses on one dashboard.

For your business

Open up new revenue streams
Reduce costs
Reduce AML / KYC process risk
Effortlessly manage payments

For your gig worker

Simple account opening
Instant access to debit cards
(virtual and physical)
Send payments to other accounts
Receive payments faster

Onboard new workers with ease

Onboarding made easy. Set up accounts for new gig workers while ensuring KYC/AML compliance.

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Freeze/unfreeze prepaid debit cards

Allow workers to manage physical and virtual debit cards with just one tap, whether it's to freeze, unfreeze, or block cards.

The simple user interface authorizes gig workers to manage their cards and view details on your platform independently.

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Track it all on one dashboard

Allow workers to accept, settle and track incoming and outgoing payments while you track all your outgoing expenses and profit margin fluctuations all one dashboard.

No more juggling between apps and logins - one place for all your finances.

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Helping refugees rebuild lives with Transfergo

TransferGo is a registered payment provider offering international money transfers for both migrant workers & businesses using their digital account-to-account business model.

With the refugee crisis driven by the war in Ukraine, millions of people have had to flee homes and loved ones. To support refugees as they rebuild lives in other countries, Kernolab is working with Transfergo to deliver the ability to create accounts and issue cards as fast as possible.

“We were looking for a trusted partner in the embedded finance space. After exploring various options, we chose Kernloab for it's fantastic technology and team of experts.”
“We were looking for a trusted partner in the embedded finance space. After exploring various options, we chose Kernloab for it's fantastic technology and team of experts.”

Quick account set-up

Fast and easy onboarding process for all age ranges.

Fast transfers across borders

Sending and receiving payments without borders — whether it’s to loved ones or businesses.

A helping hand for refugees

A small effort in helping return refugees' lives back to some degree of normal.

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