Streamline your marketplace offering

Scale your marketplace business and customer lifetime value by plugging financial features directly into your platform.

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Key challenges

Revenue growth post COVID-19

After facing significant impact after Covid-19, regenerate development with fast and up-to-date payment processes for your marketplace.

Retain customers and merchants

Merchants leave marketplaces when payout processes get too slow. Grow with the industry by offering retailers prompt payment methods to help streamline their customer experience.

Onboard merchants

Hard-to-use interfaces are prone to drop-off rates and longer checkout processes. Ensure a swift and pleasant user experience with customized solutions and sleek design.

Ensure security and fraud protection

Unmet compliance, security, and regulatory requirements bring substantial financial risk if left unmanaged. Kernolab handles all the risk factors so you can focus effortlessly on growing your business.

Drive revenue growth through retaining customers and merchants

Create an impeccable user experience with an easy-to-use financial platform for marketplaces and customers.

Kernolab's integration will allow your merchants to track revenue streams, reconcile payments in real-time, transfer funds between customers and merchants, reduce fee costs, and offer lending services.

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For your business

Open up pathways for new revenue streams
Ensure quick fund transfers between merchants and customers
Reduce fee costs for outsourced
financial solutions
Reconcile payments in real-time and offer lending services

For your merchants

Speed up and ease onboarding
Expedite payment receival
Lower costs on transaction fees
Increase customer trust

Swift merchant onboarding

Effortlessly onboard new retailers and merchants with an easy-to-use and customisable suite. Ensure a swift and pleasant user experience — both for the merchants and customers.

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Streamline financial account managment

Make managing finances easy. Use Kernolab’s efficient and easy-to-use platform to manage income, payment reconciliation, steady cash flow, and profit margins.

Easily transfer funds, reduce costs and fee expenses, and offer lending services to your merchants.

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Enrich brand experience
& journey through customised onboarding of merchants and customers

Create custom brand interface, offer your own integrated financial services without driving users out of your website or app.

Deliver seamless and rich brand experience throughout their journey, driving more engagement and loyalty.

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Helping therapists quickly reach clients

With Kernolab's embedded finance solutions, Tokitus will be able to improve their therapist experience — enabling faster onboarding and quicker payments.

Each therapist has their own account, administered in seconds with quick and free payment transfers.

“We are excited to be working with Kernolab as we continue to leverage new technology to build a beter customer and therapist experience.”
“We are excited to be working with Kernolab as we continue to leverage new technology to build a better customer and therapist experience.”

Easy therapist onboarding

Hastle-free onboarding process for all therapists.

Simple financial administration

Streamlined financial account management for all incoming and outgoing payments.

Improved user experience

Improved therapist experience and removed financial management and administration burden.

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