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Key challenges

Future-proofing your stack

In times when the only constant is change, an agile and flexible tech stack is the new business imperative. So you can drive revenue growth and create financial offerings that meet the ever-changing customer and market demands.

Ease of use & deployment

Complex, time-consuming, and costly finance solutions are a burden on your resources. You want a cloud-native SaaS platform that helps you set up quickly and easily – so you can build modern financial products faster and cost-effectively.

Compliance & security burden

Instead of jumping through lengthy approval loops, partner with embedded finance platforms like Kernolab that will do the heavy lifting for you. With built-in compliance, you free up resources to focus on growing your Fintech instead.

Balancing cost & value

To drive continuous business value, you need the best and most specialized partners – ones that allow you to bring new financial offerings to market quickly and cost-effectively, on a platform designed for resiliency and scalability.

Cut down your time-to-market

Up until now, embedding financial services exactly where and when your customers need it has been tricky. High costs, long implementation times, and a heavy compliance burden made innovation increasingly difficult. But not anymore.

Kernolab’s modular cloud-native SaaS infrastructure fast-tracks the build and launch of virtually any type of financial offering – so you can start scaling your Fintech business and adding value to your customers right away.

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What’s in it for you?

Unlock new revenue streams
Minimize regulatory & compliance overhead
Reduce operational expenditure
Deliver a seamless customer experience
Fast forward time to revenue
Ensure a robust, flexible, and future-proof technology stack
Boost customer loyalty & retention

Launch new payment rails in a matter of weeks

Fast-forward access to SEPA payments – use Kernolab’s APIs to embed white-labeled financial features like cards, bank accounts, and IBANs in a matter of weeks.

Customize your offering as you go so you can build a branded payment experience your customers will love – at speed and scale.

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Speed up time-to-market with our white-label banking apps

Use our white-label financial products to go from zero to launch in record set-up time.

Built for speed, flexibility, and scale, Kernolab owns the heavy lifting of compliance and regulation so you have the freedom to innovate seamlessly – immediately onboard customers and watch your Fintech business grow.

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Unlock unparalleled flexibility with a global partner network

Take advantage of Kernolab’s trusted partner ecosystem to build exactly what you need.

With our modular embedded finance platform, you can easily combine independent financial services from our partner network and plug them straight into your infrastructure – quickly and cost-effectively. So you can grow as big and as far as your ambition.

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Building an embedded finance infrastructure for Erbeo

Erbeo is a Polish Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) Fintech business.

By partnering with Kernolab to build an embedded finance infrastructure, Erbeo will be able to expand its core value proposition to marketplaces and e-commerce platforms by delivering accounts, payments, cards, and lending services.

“Embedded finance is the backbone of our value propostion to market We needed a partner we could trust and who could work with us to deliver a fantastic service to our customers. We are glad we selected Kernolab.”
“Embedded finance is the backbone of our value propostion to market  We needed a partner we could trust and who could work with us to deliver a fantastic service to our customers. We are glad we selected Kernolab.”

Future-proof stack

Setting the pace with financial solutions built for today and tomorrow.

Easy to use & deploy

Purpose-built to speed up time-to-market and deliver innovation with ease.

Compliance & security built-in

No heavy lifting – we manage compliance, regulation, and security so you don’t have to.

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