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Currently, our solution has all the necessary features such as Internal, SEPA, Swift transactions, Currency Conversion module.

Every week we are adding additional features, for any questions or latest specifications, please contact us, and we will happily provide all the details and even might invite for a coffee. Here is the main functionality:


We spend our days creating and improving a system, which could stand for a “future” and turn the whole world of banking upside down.

We are thinking about it not only as a thing of the here and now. For us, it is the system of tomorrow. An ability to instantly send and receive money, transfers in SWIFT & SEPA areas, currency exchange, multi-currency wallet, and bank credits – there are only a few benefits of a system, we are working on today.


Together with professional developers, project managers, designers, and business growth specialists, collaborating by using Agile software development methodology, we are inviting you to join us and create tomorrow by yourself.

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