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Product owner


About Kernolab

Kernolab helps companies create bespoke banking and payment experiences within their products, without the hurdles associated with traditional banking.

Kernolab mission is to make financial services less restrictive and more accessible for any company. More than a platform, we aim to be a partner every step of the way in unlocking the benefits of fintech for every business.

About this role

At Kernolab, we are seeking to make banking and its products simpler, easier and lighter. They should be adaptable to all the customer needs, effortless, intuitive, secure, and most importantly – make life easier for its user. To get this done we are searching for a Product Owner who brings their own thoughts, ideas, and passion to join our team! We are looking for someone who lives and breathes technology and stays on top of all new trends such as Embedded Finance, who wants to have a voice in the product management process! You will work in an exciting, high-energy group on our cutting-edge technology product in an Agile environment.

Main responsibilities

  • Product management experience in Fintech / Banking sectors (min. 3 years);
  • Stakeholder management skills;
  • Experience in managing product backlog (Jira);
  • Development sprints management skills;
  • Ability to prioritise product needs and product roadmap (incl. timelines & costs) preparation;
  • Strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and empathy;
  • Experience in preparation of product wireframes and flowcharts (“Balsamiq”, “" as an example);
  • Experience in writing full description Agile User Stories;
  • Perfect time managing skills;

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