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Kernolab & Ondato partnership: Offering KYC compliance capabilities

Oct 27, 2022

We have teamed up with Ondato to provide comprehensive KYC compliance capabilities

At Kernolab we focus on assisting businesses in generating value through embedded finance solutions. The partnership came as we got ready to break into the lucrative marketplaces sector, where easy KYC and compliance checks are crucial for merchant onboarding. Now that we have an embedded finance solution with a fully integrated KYC compliance platform built in, we are able to provide corporate clients and end users with a wealth of new revenue prospects.

Tokitus, an online network for finding therapists, is a test case for Kernolab's embedded financial solution; the compliance landscape in any environment for medical services is particularly challenging. With our, Embedded Finance, we can now provide an integrated KYC compliance feature stack in addition to payments and billing back-end. A platform like Tokitus, which runs in 15 different languages across a spectrum of 11 distinct therapy kinds, has a unique and rigorous set of compliance checks for therapists in general.

Source: Ondato

For its part, Ondato receives a case that will benefit them to further improve their existing KYC compliance platform. The requirement for adaptable and responsive platforms is dictated by the rising demand for treatment and related services. Marketplaces will and can be successful by providing end users with a reliable and secure experience and by making it simple for service providers to enter the fray. By integrating all the KYC, KYB, and AML tools and services required by online businesses to rapidly and safely onboard consumers, offer a high degree of monitoring and due diligence, and keep up with client lifecycle management, the new Ondato OS defines a new technological category. Fast and smooth onboarding coupled with integrated compliance systems will be the whole new package marketplaces definitely need to adopt.